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Corporate Identity

This is the individuality of the company, put on display.



This is a kind of code of laws, according to which the image of the brand must be implemented.



This is an individual graphic inscription of the company name.


Outdoor advertising

This is graphic, textual or other information of an advertising nature.



The design of business cards, letterheads, notebooks, flyers, etc.

Website development


Ready templates

This is the HTML page that is used to work on the site by yourself. All graphic design and service files are developed by professionals.


Business card website

The business card contains the most basic information about the company.

The business card website is great for non-large organizations.


Catalog website

In addition to information about the company, news and articles, also contains a catalog of goods or services. In the catalog each product contains a detailed description, basic and additional pictures and description of the goods.


Corporate website

On the corporate website contains all the information about the company, the customer is always aware of what is happening in the company.


Online shop

Catalog website, only with the possibility of selling the goods. The client finds the goods, and purchases them using payment systems.



Web-portal is the most complex of all types of websites. It contains a huge number of functionality.

Website promotion


Search Engine Optimization

A set of measures for internal and external optimization, for raising the position of the site in search engines.

This is the promotion of the site in the top search engines (Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc)

Websites that are on the top, as a rule, are the most respected ones!


Contextual advertising

At the moment it serves as almost the strongest engine for quickly attracting customers


Banner advertising

This is one of the components of the promotion of the website, designed to highlight the brand among competitors.

Technical support


Technical support of the website

  • Constant updating of a website
  • Site health monitoring
  • Prompt response to an application
  • Security update
  • Eliminate possible errors
  • Backup site recovery

This is necessary, first of all, for efficient and uninterrupted operation in the Internet

Mobile application development


Mobile applications



  • Business applications, promo apps
  • Application publication
  • Maintenance and support